We have grown up with relatively high self-esteems, being encouraged from childhood which has given us the freedom to dream about independence more than ever. This is great but has lead to depression, anxiety, cynicism and loneliness when we fail to reach those dreams.


We have been brought up to aim for the stars at a time of lack of financial education, getting out of Uni in debt, trying to find a job and afford a home.


This has created a high clash between our expectations and reality. Don’t leave it up to chance! We have one thing on our side; TIME! So start now.  


We have all grown up being taught to get into a good job, save up a deposit and buy a house – but these are the same lessons our parents were taught, and their parents were taught. Times are changing and so must you.

Who’s behind it?

We believe in challenging the status quo, we hate spruikers and really want you to educate you to get out there and get the most out of your lifestyle, while not being broke!

Louis Strange

Certified Financial Planner & Teacher

Louis is a Certified financial planner, passionate about educating clients on where to invest based upon their desired outcomes. Louis has been investing since the age of 16 which allows him to pass on valuable lessons on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing. He also teaches courses on personal finance to break through the fear most people have when it comes to investing.