Free Tools

Self Made Millennials is a FREE resource for Millennials who are hungry to learn more about investing and making the most out of life. Our community is here to help young Australians across the country with bettering their investment education.

We have designed these FREE tools to help you get the most out of your finances, and smash it out this year – be your goals in Property Investing, Rentvesting or just growing your overall net worth! Click on one of the icons below to get started.

  • Goals Tool

    This is the ultimate tool to work out what you need to save along with guidelines on where to invest to hit your financial goals in a few simple steps!

    The important thing about goals is being Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Attainable and Timely. This tool helps you be specific in your financial goal, measures how much you need to save in the time you set to the goal. As long as they are realistic, they will be attainable!

  • Goals tracker

    Do you want to make sure you achieve your goals set out in the goals tool? Then this tool is perfect for you! You can use it with the goals tool to keep track of your achievements by breaking each goal into weekly tasks over the year. Each tab is a different goal, so if you have a lot of financial (or other) goals, great! Just copy and create a new tab.

  • Deposit Tool

    Are you looking to buy a property but have no idea how much of a deposit you need, or how much to save to get you there? Then this tool is for you.

    Simply enter in the price of the property you wish to purchase, how long until you want to purchase and how much you have saved already and the calculator works out the rest. It will show you what your shortfall in a deposit is currently and then how much you need to save each month to get your deposit to the 20% mark!