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Should you be a Home Owner or Property Investor?

Want to calculate if it is better for you to buy a property to live in, or rent and invest the difference? With the Rentvesting Calculator you can let the numbers do the talking and help you decide. Live where you want, and invest where you can afford.


This calculator uses your individual situation and calculates whether it is better for you to purchase a property or to rent and invest. If you purchase a house, it uses the average mortgage repayments and costs of running the property, versus if you were to rent somewhere. Whichever strategy leaves you with the most surplus income financially makes more sense to do!


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  • This page shows you an approximate idea about your overall cash flow from either buying or renting. This is the financial metric that determines what strategy will leave you with the most after tax income while also taking into consideration what percentage of your incomes you would spend on buying a property or renting. Therefore for some, it may be better for some of you to buy or for some of you to rent.
  • The ultimate decision does come back to you on what your priorities are in life, having somewhere to call your own or moving around while being able to build wealth.
Renting After tax income: Buying After tax income: